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Hi!  My name is Brandy Chandler and I am the owner and photographer behind Grayson & Lane based in Sugar Land, Texas. I specialize in stylized portraiture. So what exactly does that mean you ask?  To sum it up I love to play dress up with my clients)!    After starting my photography journey in 2007 I slowly realized that it was that type of session that made me run home and start editing right away out of pure excitement.  So I decided to only take on those types of sessions because it is only fair to my clients that they get my passion in each photograph!  


The thing that sticks out the most about me is my extended stature (yep - I am 6'2) and my love of Jesus and family - oh and coffee (but I hail from Seattle so you can't blame me on that one!).


My style is VERY laid back - I like to capture candid expressions so I am not a "posing enforcer" but more of a guide when needed.  My goal is to have the clients walk away thinking they just had a blast with a friend!


If you have ANY questions I am more than happy to chat (or even better grab a cup of coffee)! .


Thanks for visiting my page!

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You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

Song of Solomon 4:7


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